Nevada Opera Renaissance Fair

Bring the Whole Family

NVO-Renaissance2013On July 14th, NVO held its first Ren Fair at Wingfield Park. The event lasted from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Over 2000 people attended to enjoy the concerts, other performances and booths. A good time was had by all!

Four concerts presented music from a variety of sources: Renaissance Madrigals, Broadway, Eclectic Harp Music, and an Evening Concert from many sources.

Two non-musical performances also entertained the crowd.


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26 Booths provided a multitude of food, crafts and games.

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Il Nome

The Nevada Opera Madrigal Ensemble performs early music, primarily from the Renaissance period. They performed numbers from the stage after introducing the genre. Between other performances, they strolled the crowd performing numbers.

Fencing Demonstration

Eric Moomberg of the High Desert Fencing Alliance described the history of fencing to the audience. He showed several types of sabers, rapiers and foils. With the help of two others he demonstrated the art. He then joined the crowd for hands-on demonstrations.

Broadway Concert


Selections from the Broadway stage featuring Nevada Opera Chorus soloists

Shown in the collage below (left to right) are:

Top: Stephen Murdoch; Leslie Fudge, Stephanie Urmston and Colleen Medina; Rachel Chavez; Mark Emerson

Middle: Michael (Doc) Gerber; Rick Cornell; Alice Dickenson; Stephen Murdock

Bottom: Mark Emerson and Stephanie Urmstrom;Danielle Mudd; Michelle Callica

Broadway Collage-hires

Renaissance Harp and Then Some

Beverly Colgan and Jill Dickman

Prog-p3Bev and Jill performed an amazing variety of music on Renaissance period harps.

The music spanned traditional selections such as Greensleeves through ragtime, new world and up to modern popular and folk tunes.
Bev also provided an interesting commentary on the instruments and the music.





Kondor Brothers Juggling

The Kondor brohers – Caleb and Jonathon – wowed the crowd with a juggling performance.

The act began with a rather tame set of juggles. Balls, bean bags, clubs, knives were tossed by the two of them individually or in synchronization. They moved on to jointly juggling with the items going back and forth between them – a bit more impressive!

The action intensified with volunteers from the audience. Four youngsters stood between them, “avoiding” being hit as the brothers exchanged balls. Another volunteer stood quietly – but with a worried look – as they sent clubs back and forth.

Caleb then got Jonathon on his shoulders to juggle. The complexity of this steadily increased. More and more difficult juggles followed by Jonathon standing on Caleb’s shoulders. The conclusion had Caleb holding Jonathon at arms length while he juggled knives – don’t try this at home! Caleb later remarked that this act was getting more difficult as Jonathon is still growing.

The crown was awed, very impressed and appreciative.

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Evening Concert

The 10-hour Fair was capped off with a performance by the Nevada Opera Chorus and guest artists. Selections included opera, light opera, broadway, and contemporary. A number of the works featured P’Opera, NVO’s “road show” of chorus members that performs in restaurants and other venues.

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