The premier performances of P’Opera were on March 24th at Fuego. Some 100 people watched and applauded two sellout programs.

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P’Opera is a concert program of the Nevada Opera Chorus. The name implies the ‘popular’ orientation of the music.

Performances are planned for local restaurants and other gatherings. The program is intended to raise funds for Nevada Opera in addition to providing our choral artists opportunities to enjoy performing and grow professionally.

The ‘popular’ music will have eclectic sources: Boardway, light opera/operetta, Gilbert and Sulivan and even madrigals in addition to works, primariiy well-known, from grand opera.

P’Opera’s first performance is at Fuego restaurant, just across the street from the Pioneer Center. Patrons will purchase tickets for the performance from Nevada Opera and then order from the menu as usual. To make reservations, first call the NVO office (775-786-4046, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm). Once you purchase your ticket for the performance, we ask that you call Fuego at 775-322-1800 to make the actual meal reservation. Drop-ins will be accomodated on the evening of the performance as space allows.